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Pentecost Festival: Laughter Lounge at Tiger Tiger

by Pentecost Festival 2012

On Thursday 24th 2012, Christian Aid organised an evening of laughter at Tiger Tiger Haymarket. The aim of the evening was for audience to enjoy themselves whiles taking action to tackle global poverty. On the bill were Tony Vino, Gareth Richards, Pat Monahan and Rob Thomas.

The intimate nature of the programme made the whole evening interactive, which both audience and comedies enjoyed very much! After laughing their hearts outs, the Groovy Wonderland (dance floor) was opened to the audience where as you can see from the videos below was the highlight of the night!

WinkBall Video Reporters spoke to the audience both before and after the event to find out their views on the programme. All in all, it was a good night for both the audience and the comedians!

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WinkBall Video Reporter Lucio

Pat Monahan - Comedian