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An Audience With Howard Marks aka Mr Nice at Union Chapel Islington

by Event Reporters

On Friday, 12th November 2010, WinkBall citizen video reporters Andrew and Tom were at Union Chapel in Islington, for an audience with Howard Marks aka Mr Nice. Dennis Howard Marks, a Welsh author and former teacher and drug smuggler achieved notoriety as an international hashish smuggler with supposed connections to the IRA and the Mafia. At the height of his drug career, he was said to have controlled 10% of the world's hashish trade. Marks was eventual convicted by the American Drug Enforcement Administration. Our reporters asked the attending audience if they were excited to see him, what they thought of his book, 'Mr Nice' and film of the same name. On the way out they were asked what they thought of the event. What do YOU think about Howard Marks? Record a reply and have your say!

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