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London Gay Pride 2012

by eventreporters2012

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual Community came out together in force and hit the streets of London on Saturday 7th July 2012, to celebrate London Gay Pride 2012. A huge march and parade attended by thousands of the LGBT community, London Pride has now become an annual and iconic event where the streets of London become packed with thousands of people supporting gay rights and celebrating their sexuality.

This year’s pride event had with it somewhat of a special significance with it now being 40 years since the first gay pride march event in the city capital. Despite the huge landmark the event had reached, this year’s festivity was to be slightly down scaled due to budget cuts. This however did not stop the thousands of people that had come out to Trafalgar Square to support the cause, in having a good time and once again the event was a great success.

Britain is now considered to be one of the most accepting and tolerant countries for gay rights and having fought on many issues regarding gay rights, the last obstacle the gay community now faces in its battle for gay rights is legalisation of same sex marriage. As we know, this is a feat that is close to achievement and this year’s London Pride had again somewhat of a special relevance to it.

London was in full party mood as people from all over the country came out to celebrate gay rights and once again this was another Pride event that organisers could be proud of putting on.

Down at Trafalgar Square for London Pride 2012 were WinkBall video reporters Zoe and Hannah who spoke to the many people that had come to Pride London in support of the cause. Asking them what had brought them down to the event, they were also asked about the importance of events like these for gay rights and why they should be supported?

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