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Let's Be Brief: Boxpark, Shoreditch

by eventreporters2012

In May 2012, Boxpark in Shoreditch and Let’s Be Brief organised a competition where they invited several artists to visualise ‘The Art of Winning’ in poster form. On Thursday 5th July 2012 at Boxpark Shoreditch, the 12 winning entries for ‘The Art of Winning’ competition were invited back for an exhibition to showcase their inner meaning of ‘winning’. Music for the evening’s programme was provided by the art label Earnest Endeavours and a PA from The Insomniax.

Let’s Be Brief (LBB) founders are Ansel Neckles and Stephanie McLaren of Twenty%Extra. LBB is about ‘examining, chopping up, marinating and then serving up the politics of representation, the art of narrative and the power of the image’

Both co-founders are experts in the ‘magic arts’ of communication from their experiences in advertising, fashion and media. They mentor and work with clever, tenacious and open-minded youngsters.

Ansel, Stephanie and their talented team have developed educational workshops to help young people understand and analyse the mechanics branding, advertising and marketing.

WinkBall video reporters Daniel and Laurent were at Boxpark on Thursday to speak to exhibitors and art-lovers at the exhibition. Below are interesting views on what ‘winning’ means to both the exhibitors and art-lovers.

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