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Stomp: The Ambassadors Theatre

by Entertainment Reporters 2012

Friday 6th January, 2011 – This famous and still unique percussion and dance show sensation is now celebrating its 8th year in London, having evolved from humble Brighton street-theatre roots, Stomp is now a global sensation.

Its foundations are simple: recognising and amplifying the sounds made by ordinary objects, and using them to create interesting and encapsulating rhythms and beats – indeed, transforming the routines of the norm into musical enlightenment and a celebration of sound.

Simple practices such as chopping food, opening doors and closing bins, all suddenly have a new and meaningful characteristic, just from aural awareness. The Stomp performers use items from Zippo lighters to plastic bags, to create drama – and humour – in a performance that is not detracted by the lack of speech.

The show at London’s Ambassadors Theatre is ‘fresher, faster and funnier than ever’ – and features new choreography and music performances, to make the perspiring precision as captivating as it’s ever been this decade.

How did the audience enjoy it on Friday 6th January?

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