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Cirque Mandingue: Fote Fore, Roundhouse

by Entertainment Reporters 2012

A circus troupe all the way from Guinea; Cirque Mandingue are a group formed of acrobats and circus artist who have dazzled audiences since their inception back in 2009. A high adrenaline show full of fast paced, action packed and visually mesmerising displays of acrobatics, Cirque Mandingue is a tremendous spectacle to behold for fans of the circus. Consisting of 12 Guinean circus artists, Cirque Mandingue combine elements of contemporary circus, dance and music all as one and bring their own Guinean street style to the mix along the way.

Formed by French artistic director Luc Richard, the troupe are not just a company for entertainment, but also one for teaching with money coming from their international tour going straight back to their school in homeland Guinea.

As part of the CircusFest 2012 in London, Cirque Mandingue has opened the festivities with their unique and once in a lifetime show ‘Fote Fore’. Mixing their breath taking acrobatics with live West African drumming and hip hop beats, ‘Fote Fore’ promises to be a show not to miss and has undoubtedly kicked off CircusFest 2012 in memorable style.

Performing at Camden music and entertainment venue the Roundhouse, Cirque Mandingue’s ‘Fote Fore’ show is running for a limited time until Saturday 7th April 2012. It was on Friday 30th March 2012, that WinkBall video reporters Lucio and Lucy were at the Roundhouse to speak to fans that had come to see Cirque Mandingue perform their energetic circus display ‘Fote Fore’. Speaking to fans before and after the event, fans talked about what their expectations of the evening were and what they thought about the show after.

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