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The Dictator: Film reviews from the Odeon

by Entertainment Reporters 2012

We’ve seen him as the English ‘rudeboy’ Ali G, the Pamela Anderson-obsessed Borat and then gay and proud, fashion-loving Brüno. But now, English comedian/actor, Sacha Baron Cohen has reinvented himself to do what he does best; don a new alter ego that is just as ridiculous as it is hilarious!

In his latest film, The Dictator, Baron Cohen will play the massive-ego bearing, Admiral General Aladeen who spreads his bizarre and humourous antics all the way through his first visit to the U.S.

Being ruler of the fictitious oil-rich country of the Republic of Wadiya, this dictator keeps busy with regular taking-over-the-world type things: attempting to reshape a country to look like his face, sleeping with famous Americans like Oprah, Megan Fox and Arnold Schwarzenegger and planning a top secret nuclear attack.

The film is set to promise knee-slapping laughs and cringe-worthy scenes from the director who brought us Borat and Brüno, Larry Charles. The Dictator will also feature faces like U.S. actress, Anna Faris and Ben Kingsley (Shutter Island).

So how much did Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest alter ego impress viewers? WinkBall reporters went down to the film’s showing at Odeon on Friday, 18th May 2012, to find out. Here are their reviews.

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