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The Proms 8: Handel/Judas Maccabaeus

by Gig Reporters 2012

WinkBall were at the Royal Albert Hall for the eighth night of the Proms, 2012. It marks the start of the eight-week summer season of classical and orchestral music, plus other events, performed every day from July 13 to September 8.

Most of the events take place at the iconic Royal Albert Hall – though other venues include Cadogan Hall for the chamber concerts, and the Proms in the Park events across the UK to mark the last night.

The eighth night celebrates German-British Baroque composer Handel's epic Judas Maccabeus. Telling the story of the Israelites military valour and bravery in biblical times, this performance is under the direction of Laurence Cummings, with tenor John Mark Ainsley playing the title role of Judas. Accompanied by the Choir of the Enlightenment and Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, this was certain to be both a special and intimate concert.

WinkBall video reporters will be finding out from the attendees what makes the Proms such a great, unique British event, and more…

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