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Cold Chisel - Live at the HMV Ritz

by Manchester Music Reporters

If you saw Cold Chisel back in the day you are one of the lucky ones. Thirty years on, the passion and potency displayed at the HMV Ritz was pretty fresh for a Monday night - according to fans. They must have packed some dynamite back in the 80s.

Cold Chisel’s punchy, bluesy, clean yet grungy Aussie ‘Pub Rock’ sound is so unique in the current climate. A simplified piano, blues crunch lead, grooving bass and drums that just sound so right together. This is their reunion tour since the death of an original band member last year - and even after reforming this year, their tour had to be cancelled due to a freak accident to one of the current members's finger. WinkBall were there speaking to fans, getting their views and finding out why Cold Chisel never really made it big in the UK.

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