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Birmingham Royal Ballet perform Beauty and the Beast: Birmingham Hippodrome

by Midlands Entertainment

On Wednesday, 28th September 2011, WinkBall video reporters Izzy and Stevie went to the Birmingham Hippodrome to speak to the audience members who had come to see the performance of Beauty and the Beast by the world famous Birmingham Royal Ballet. Beauty and the Beast is the tale of a cruel Prince, cursed to spend the rest of his life living in a fantastical castle with the animals he callously hunted who then finds salvation in the heart of a beautiful girl. Caught stealing a single rose, Belle’s desperate father exchanges his life for his youngest daughter’s freedom. In his distant castle, the Beast, stripped of his handsome features and his very humanity, must win her heart or spend the rest of his life in bitter solitude.

A beautiful girl, a hideous beast, a golden ballroom full of animals, two outrageously haughty sisters and a grumpy grandmother worthy of Roald Dahl dance, prance and rage through the unfolding pages of Philip Prowse’s stunning storybook sets of forests and castles. David Bintley’s rich choreographic palette brings to life magical transformations, wild waltzes, soaring formations of birds and a relationship between Belle and the Beast that is at first terrifying but ultimately serene and beautiful. See what the audience had to say about the performance. Are you a fan of Ballet or Musical Theatre? Then click the record button to have your say.

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