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Dance GB

by eventreporters2012

Working together in one amazing and unique collaborative effort, three of the UK’s leading dance companies; Scottish Ballet, English National Ballet and National Dance Company of Wales have come together to produce one of the most original and inspiring pieces of dance and theatre in recent years, ‘Dance GB’.

Set to an Olympian theme, Dance GB is a fantastic live show of grandiose spectacle that explores dance to new and exciting heights. Crafted by the English National Ballet’s outgoing director Wayne Eagling, the companies demonstrate the athletic side to dancing as well as the grace and elegance of it as an art form.

Performed at the Royal Naval College, Greenwich, on Saturday 7th July 2012, the crowds were in full force to see this performance of Dance GB. Down at the performance venue were WinkBall video reporters Laurent and Billy who were speaking to attendees and finding out what had brought them down to see the show, what they were expecting from this huge collaboration between three of the UK’s leading dance companies and what they love about Dance as an art form?

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