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Street Style Fashion: Broadway Market

by fashion

What are you wearing? On: Broadway Market

“What are you wearing?” So frequently a cuss-hidden question in this painfully trendy area of east London, for us mere mortals of the regular fashion world.

Cool cats and hipsters personify the atmosphere of Broadway Market, in tandem with the original barrow-boy sentiment of the market. Their unique outfit combinations (which uniqueness is, as such, moot and defunct by the fact being a ‘hipster’ is a movement in itself) are cause for admiration and desire-to-acquire as well as confusion and a caution from the regular-Joe fashion police.

Wander up Broadway Market and you’ll encounter more delicious food stalls, vintage clothes, old vinyl and more local produce and fresh fruit and veg than you can shake a retro, self-styled stick at.

Nearby London Fields is hipster-ville, with seasoned dashes of families, children, cyclists and dogs. Broadway Market is just an extension of the parks frivolities; live and boom-box music, dancing, drinking, BBQing and generally being far too cool to be seen hanging out anywhere other than the top of the park by the entrance to Broadway Market, which is the designated ‘cool area’ for those in the know.

So. Where better to ask about what is sizzling hot this season, outfit and accessory wise? And as a place to steal a fashion secret or two – so long as they don’t all point us in the direction of Rokit and Topshop’s ‘vintage section’.

It is always a great visual treat to see the hipster outfits; what are they wearing? Where did they find that hat/sweatshirt/brogues/necklace? TELL US ALL and share the hipster love.

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