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Paul Film Premiere

by Event Reporters

On Monday, 7th February 2011 WinkBall citizen video reporters Oneyka and Jess were at the Empire cinema in Leicester Square for the film premiere of sci-fi comedy Paul. The film, which is directed by Superbad director Greg Mottola, centres around two sci-fi geeks, Willy and Collings (played by Pegg and Frost) who accidentally come across an alien Paul (voiced by Seth Rogen), when he jumps aboard their truck. Chased by the government, they embark on a road trip with Paul which changes their lives forever. If you enjoyed Shaun of The Dead and Run Fatboy Run, then you will really love this film. We asked fans why they came down to the premiere, what they love about Simon Pegg and which celebrities they are looking forward to seeing walk the red carpet. We would like to know what YOU think, please post a comment to this wall.

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