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School of Night at Soho Theatre

by OnStage

A hilarious, off the wall and madcap comedy that explores the work of famous English dramatist and playwright, WillIam Shakespeare and other such famous names in philosophy and writing, ‘School of Night’ enjoyed its opening performance on Wednesday 18th July 2012 at the renowned SOHO Theatre.

The story, centred around The School of Night, an age old underground group that consisted of a number of artists, scientists and philosophers. Among their ranks was rumoured to be such leading artistic figures at the time like Christopher Marlowe, George Chapman and Thomas Harriot. Rumoured to have secretly been responsible for the work of the Bard, their story is brought to life by The Showstoppers, a small group of musical improv geniuses, who with their clever and expertise use of improvisation, give this tale a fresh and funny new perspective.

Making their way through the works of such other greats as Plato, Pinter and Marlowe, there is nothing they cant talk about and their off the cuff approach to comedy makes them one of the most exciting comedy acts around and this production a must see.

Down at the SOHO Theatre on Wednesday 18th July 2012 were WinkBall video reporters Helena and Zoe who were speaking to some of the many attendees coming to the opening night performance of ‘The School of Night’. Finding out what had brought them down to see the show, they were also asked what they expected from the show and for their reactions afterwards.

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