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CBSO Nelson Conducts Strauss - Symphony Hall Birmingham

by Midlands Entertainment

On Thursday, January 12th, 2012, WinkBall video reporters Cash And Rosie went to The Symphony Hall in the centre of Birmingham to speak to members of the audience who had come to see CBSO Nelson conducts Strauss and to see what the Classical music Lover’s thought of their evening?. Richard Strauss liked to blow his own trumpets… and his horns, trombones and tubas! So when he used a massive orchestra to tell the story of an imaginary hero, complete with enemies and battles (and a shamelessly explicit love scene), it’s not hard to work out who he actually had in mind: himself. But Ein Heldenleben (A Hero’s Life) is more than just an irresistibly flamboyant musical self-portrait; it’s one of the all-time great orchestral showpieces. Andris Nelsons’s recent recording of Ein Heldenleben with the CBSO won worldwide acclaim, with one critic declaring it ‘one of the most sumptuous and refined ever put on to disc’.

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