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Oxford v Cambridge Boat Race 2012

by Sports Reporters

A historic London event that can be dated as far back as 1829, the London boat race between Oxford and Cambridge University was once again on the agenda, when it’s 158th race took place on Saturday 7th April 2012. Starting at Putney Bridge, both teams were set to travel along the River Thames; going past famous landmarks such as Fulham Football Club, Hammersmith Bridge, Fuller’s Brewery and ending at the finish line past Chiswick Bridge.

Looking back at the race’s history before the event kicked off for the 158th time, Cambridge University had scored more wins than Oxford, with them leading an impressive 80 wins to Oxford’s 76. However, in recent years it has been Oxford University that has been the more successful team with their win ratio vastly improving over the past few races.

In what was a memorable boat race, perhaps for the wrong reasons though, the contest was marred by controversy as the race was restarted halfway through when a member of the public was seen swimming in the River Thames causing an obstruction to both teams. Having to restart again, Oxford will have felt slightly aggrieved with this decision, as originally it appeared their team held a good advantage over their Cambridge competitors. Starting the race again, Oxford were soon dealt a blow when one of their oars broke, effectively putting them as 7 team members against 8. With this upper hand, Cambridge stormed ahead to go on and win the race and making it 81 to 76 wins overall in the race’s history.

Down at the finish line were WinkBall video reporters Daniel and Fred who were speaking to the many public attendants who had come to see the 2012 Boat Race. Also there was none other than Mayor of London Boris Johnson; speaking to Boris and the race spectators, they were asked what makes the boat race such a unique sporting event and who were they supporting out of Oxford and Cambridge.

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