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Alistair McGowan & Friends: One Night Only

by Entertainment Reporters 2012

Alistair McGowan – the Bafta award winning, impressionist, comedian and actor – hosted a diverse night of comedy at Leicester Square Theatre on Wednesday 4 April, alongside a super seven of his funny friends.

The evening picks at politics with a green hue as all the funds raised from the ‘ONO’ performance are being donated directly to the London Green Party. Why? Simply because it is a cause close to McGowan’s heart. The tall, dark comedy chameleon is a keen supporter of ‘green issues’ – so expect this night to be an amalgamation of politics and eco-friendly comedy. I’m branding the genre: political-ecomedy. Oh, I know. Sue me.

Best known for his tongue-in-cheek mickey-taking impressions (on, naturally BBC’s The Big Impression with co-star Ronni Ancona) of David Beckham, Gary Lineker, Tony Blair and even Eastenders’ Dot Cotton – McGowan isn’t boxed off to solely simple impressionist comedy. He has had an eclectic history of television, theatre and comedy work, so his palate is well adjusted for this night of green-directed political jesting.

The ‘Friends’ listed alongside McGowan include fellow stand-up and actor/writer, Scott Capurro – who is well recognised for his provocative material on homosexuality, politics, race and popular culture. Ian Saville is a ventriloquist magician and comedian, known for delivering socialist comic content. Plus, Shelley Bridgman, Calen Harley, David Whitney, Abie Philbin Bownan’s Eco Jihad & Karen Bailey.

All these diverse styles of performance and comedic choices add to the mix of the evening that will raise money, as a by-product, for Jenny Jones’ Green Party Candidate for London Mayor and Green Party London Assembly campaigns. Their aim is to make London a more equal, healthy and affordable city. Hopefully for Jenny and her fellow Green Party partiers, the evening will spur its attendees into seeing life with a greener hue and urge them to tick a different box in the Mayoral Election ballot. And if not, well, hopefully they’ve enjoyed £20’s worth of political ecomedy.

One Night Only with Alistair McGowan & Friends: Leicester Square Theatre

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