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Bruce Forsyth 70th Anniversary: Royal Albert Hall

by Entertainment Reporters 2012

The national treasure and entertainment icon that was Bruce Forsyth appeared at London’s Royal Albert Hall on Thursday 3rd May 2012. Celebrating over 70 years in show business this year, 2011 ended with what could be one of Bruce’s most proud moments when he was knighted. After years of entertaining audiences on stage and in front of the camera, public demand finally gave Bruce the knighthood he deserved and it was Sir Bruce who arose; “didn’t he do well!”

Now in 2012, Brucie is still going strong and nothing seems to be standing in the way of the 84 year-old entertainer and it seems only yesterday when Bruce first appeared on our screens all the way back in the 1950s. Getting his first break on ‘The Sunday Night at the London Palladium’ show, which Bruce appeared on for five years, fans may also remember his cameo appearance in Disney film ‘Bedknobs and Broomsticks’. His success on television as a presenter grew and it was the start of the 1970s where he became the first and perhaps most memorable presenter of much loved Saturday prime time show ‘The Generation Game’. The show’s appeal on British popular culture was enormous and after a period away from the limelight with the show having a slight hiatus, the show returned in the early 90s with Bruce returning as presenter and introducing the programme to a new generation of fans as well as bringing it back to fans who first saw it in the 70s. The next big adventure for Bruce came in the form of ‘Play Your Cards Right’, a hugely successful presenting vehicle for Bruce with him returning to present on three separate occasions over the course of twenty years. Best remembered for the show’s ‘Dolly Dealers’ and ‘Brucie Bonuses’, memorable catchphrases as “What do points make? Prizes!” and “What do pounds make? Rich people!” the show was an instant success and a family favourite for television viewing. Soon after this, Bruce took up presenting duties on ‘Bruce’s Price is Right’, another smash hit success for Bruce for which he brought back his trademark catchphrase “Nice to see you, to see you…Nice!” With the end of ‘Bruce’s Price is Right’, Bruce’s career went slightly dormant and television appearances were far and few between. However, in 2003, with the very public sacking of Angus Deayton as host of political satire ‘Have I Got News for You’, Bruce stepped up to the plate and became guest host for one episode in which he brought to the show a spoof round of his famous card show ‘Play Your Cards Right’ called ‘Play your Iraqi Cards Right’ (which centred around the political discontent that was occurring in the Middle East). This earned Bruce instant acclaim and proved he still had what it takes a presenter. Little to his knowledge, this appearance would soon set up Bruce for another number of years in show business which continues on to today. With the appearance, he soon became presenter for BBC prime time reality television show, ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. The show, which he co-hosts with Tess Daly, is a weekly Saturday evening entertainment show where celebrities in the public eye take on the task of ballroom dancing with dancing professionals. The show was another instant success and has spawned so far nine series and is set for a tenth this autumn.

With a lengthy and successful career full of merit and acclaim, Sir Bruce Forsyth is a force to be reckoned with in show business terms. With his show at the Royal Albert Hall last night, many of Brucie’s followers came down to see the man in action. Putting on a storming set, fans were treated to their own ‘Brucie bonus’ with Bruce staying on for another hour to perform than what was originally planned. Fans had a ball and judging from their post show reactions it was certainly “nice to see him, to see him nice” and the general feeling of the show was “good gig, good gig!”

WinkBall reporters were down at the Royal Albert Hall to speak to fans of Sir Bruce Forsyth and find out what had brought them down to see Bruce, what they love about him and what makes him such a show business success?

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