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HMV Next Big Thing at Jazz Cafe, Camden

by Event Reporters

On Wednesday, 9th February 2011, WinkBall citizen video reporters Alex and George were at the Jazz Cafe in Camden for day six of the HMV Next Big Thing festival which hosted pop-soft rock artist Josh Weller, Indie beau Rose Elinor Dougall and re-emerging talent Mike Marlin. The festival which takes place in various venues across the UK, features the newest and choicest talent on the scene. With three bands a night and for ten pounds a gig- it's an offer you just cant refuse! To put the icing on the cake, Josh Weller was joined by former Culture Club lead singer Boy George! Our reporters were on hand to ask those attending which artists they came to see and why. After the show we found out what the fans made of the evening's performances. If YOU were there and we missed talking to you, please record a wink and share you thoughts!

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