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Derren Brown: Svengali

by eventreporters2012

The master of the mind made a welcome return to the stage as illusionist , hypnotist and television star Derren Brown and his latest show Svengali was performed at the Novello Theatre. His fifth tour as an illusionist, Svengali first began its run in early March 2011 and was lauded with critical acclaim by fans and critics alike. Now in 2012, the show makes a return to London’s West End for a limited run of performances and on Tuesday 17th July 2012, it was the show's opening performance.

Since breaking on to the public scene back in 2000, Derren has been renowned for his trick of the mind that have left viewers speechless and questioning just how he pulls off many of his tricks and routines. Always looking to perform the bigger spectacle as an artist, a number of Derren’s acts and routines have been performed live in front of a television audience, albeit sometimes to criticism and controversy. Some of his more notable performances and displays have been a live game of Russian Roulette, convincing a member of the public they were trapped in a live computer game and getting viewers at home they were stuck and rooted to their chairs whilst watching his show live.

Svengali has been heralded as a new triumph for Derren Brown in the art of mind manipulation and fans have been flocking to the theatre to see the magic for themselves. On Tuesday 17th July 2012, WinkBall video reporters Saima and Stefan were at the Novello Theatre to speak to fans that had come to see Derren Brown perform in his latest live theatre work Svengali. Attended by the public, with it the show enjoying its opening night, it was also attended by a host of celebrities including Angus Deayton, Mock the Week and The Thick of It star Chris Addison and Heat Magazine Editor Lucie Cave. Finding out what had brought them down to see Derren in action, fans were asked what is it about Derren Brown that makes him such a unique performer.

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