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Scope's Big Comedy Night: HMV Apollo

by Entertainment Reporters 2012

On Sunday 20th May 2012, it was a night of comedy and charity fund raising and awareness at the Hammersmith Apollo where a host of the UK’s best comedic talent were performing for UK charity Scope. Helping and supporting disabled people and families affected by disability, Scope set out to improve disabled people’s lives and support them in any way they can.

The evening, the idea of disability rights campaigner Nicky Clark, has worked closely with top British comedian and vocal Scope support Richard Herring to ensure Scope could put on one of the best comedy nights in recent times, one that would raise tremendous awareness and be attended by many.

Performing at the evening were such comedy greats the likes of Ben Elton, Al Murray, Robin Ince, Milton Jones and Scope supporter Richard Herring. A fantastic evening that raised thousands of laughs from the public as well as raising further awareness about disability; attendees had a great time at this comedy marathon of star talent hosted at the Hammersmith Apollo.

WinkBall video reporters were down at the Hammersmith Apollo speaking to the public who had come down to see the show and finding out what had brought them down to see this fantastic evening of comedy that was for such a good cause.

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