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Bubbleology Store Launch

by eventreporters2012

Bringing the exciting concept of Bubble Tea to the capital city London, Bubbleology is the fantastic brand that has been a smash hit success with consumers and avid tea drinkers since it arrived in London in 2011.

A one of a kind product, Bubble Tea is a flavoured fruit or milk tea that can be served ice cold or piping hot. Served with tapioca balls, this ingredient is what gives the teas their bubbly and foamy qualities. Available in a number of different flavours, they are required to be sucked through a fat straw when drinking them.

The craze of Bubble Tea first began in South East Asia, most notably in Taiwan. Now Bubble Tea has hit the streets of London with brand Bubbleology, the chain continues to get bigger. First opening a store in the heart of London’s Soho, the public can also find a store in famous department store Harvey Nichols. Now opening a new store in trendy Notting Hill, West London, bubble tea lovers came in their droves to attend the opening of the new Bubbleology store. Bubbleology’s Notting Hill store opening taking place on Thursday 19th July 2012, WinkBall video reporters Darryl and Lucio were at the new store speaking to the many members of the public attending the store opening. Asking them about Bubble Tea and finding out what they love about the drink, tea lovers told WinkBall reporters what their favourite flavours were and why more people should come and taste these fantastic drinks.

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