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Top Beauty Products for under a Tenner

by Beauty & Fashion

We’ve all seen those candid shots of celebrities without make-up and felt relieved to know that it's not just us who don’t look our best in the morning. However, when it’s time to walk the red carpet, face the next L’Oreal ad or pose for the covers of Vogue, just how do they do it? Well, some celebs have revealed their secrets. If you were Gwyneth Paltrow, you would eat fresh organic food and drink lots of water to maintain a healthy complexion. In the case of Catherine Zeta Jones, you would brush your teeth with mashed-up strawberries. If you were Julia Roberts, on the other hand, would dip her nails in olive oil. Teri Hatcher exchanges a glass for a bath, and takes a soak in red wine.

Whilst some are more expensive than others, these trends are hard to follow, which is why picking up discount cosmetics is a great way to keep better track of your budget- we are in a recession after all! So what's your favourite home remedy, essential cream or must-have make-up? WinkBall video reporters took to the streets of Covent Garden on Wednesday, 20th July 2011, to find out the public's pick of the best new bargain beauty products for less than a tenner and to spill some top beauty tips.

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