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The Proms 15: Smetana / Prokofiev / Dvorak

by Gig Reporters 2012

WinkBall were once again at the heart of the action for Britain’s most renowned cultural events, the Proms. An eight-week summer celebration of classical and orchestral music, the Proms is a must on the British social calendar. Taking place at the iconic Royal Albert Hall in London, every day from July 13 to September 8.

Most of the events take place at the iconic Royal Albert Hall – though other venues include Cadogan Hall for the chamber concerts, and the Proms in the Park events across the UK to mark the last night.

The fifteenth night of the BBC Proms 2012 celebrated Smetana / Prokofiev / Dvorak

After last year’s sensational complete Má vlast comes Smetana’s autobiographical E minor quartet, in George Szell’s orchestration, another first for the Proms. Its finale is suddenly interrupted by a graphic illustration of the onset of deafness, a sustained high E, here on piccolo as well as violin, imitating the tinnitus that afflicted the composer. By contrast Prokofiev’s concerto is one of his magical fairy-tale pieces, championed tonight by Proms debut artist, Vadim Gluzman.

Dvořák’s dark, passionate Seventh Symphony was commissioned by the Philharmonic Society of London, the composer himself crossing the Channel to direct the premiere.

On Wednesday 25th July, WinkBall video reporters will be finding out from the attendees what makes the Proms such a great, unique British event, and more…

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