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Hurts at the HMV Forum

by Gig Reporters

Hurts is an English synthpop duo who are made up of singer Theo Hutchcraft and synth player Adam Anderson. These handsome lads from Manchester released their long awaited debut album called 'Happiness' in September 2010, which contains a duet with Kylie Minogue and is best described as 'Magnificent'. This supremely eighties album has fearsomely crafted songs, with it's spirit of eminence and faith that sweep you along with a voice of mesmerising wonder. WinkBall citizen video reporters Stephan and Tara were at the HMV forum on Thursday, 4th February 2011to ask the Hurts fans what they love about the band, how they got into their music and what songs they were hoping to hear. We would like to know what YOU think, please post a comment to this wall !

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