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Twombly and Poussin: Arcadian Painters

by Event Reporters

Comparisons were being drawn between painters Nicolas Poussin and Cy Twombly at Dulwich Picture Gallery on Thursday, 15th September. Art enthusiasts gathered to witness their work first hand to identify the link between it. Cy Twombly is an abstract artist whose art is based on love and loss illustrated with an expansive use of colour. The exhibition compared his work to another master with different style, Poussin. Although there are similarities in that they both ended up living in Rome, it seems that many art enthusiasts may have missed the connection. The comparison in work may sit uneasily for some attendees, but the gallery still provided a brilliant exhibition of the two masters’ work. WinkBall video reporters were at Dulwich Picture Gallery asking attendees if they saw the link between the two artists, and also, what their favourite piece of work was. If you would like to comment, please post on this wall!

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