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Rhys Darby: Town Hall Birmingham

by Midlands Entertainment

On Wednesday, 18th July, 2012, WinkBall video reporters Suzie and Siobhan were at the town Hall in Birmingham to see comedian Rhys Darby perform and also to speak to his fans.

Some say the world could end in 2012. But Rhys Darby has a plan. He’s fairly sure the superpowers each have a spaceship ready to launch on the eve of Armageddon. The trick is… to get onboard! Rhys takes us on an autobiographical journey from meek geek to king of cool. This show is a handy guide to living your life like you’re the champion no one’s heard of. In the end, you might just find you’ve been invited to recolonise another planet.

This new standup show accompanies Rhys’s first novel, This Way to Spaceship, ‘a handy autobiographical end of world companion’. The show promises to combine everything Rhys (a.k.a. Murray from Flight of the Conchords) is known for: surreal musings, hilarious stories from his life and a healthy dollop of nonsense and fantasy.

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