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Street Style Fashion: Brick Lane and Spitalfields Market

by fashion

Is East London over, as stated by an NW1 visitor yesterday at Spitalfields Market?
Seems unlikely, as reporters Darryl and Lucio have been cruising around the East on Friday, 12th April 2012, asking people for fashion tips, and getting a lot of surprising answers.
The Old Spitalfields Market and Brick Lane area seem to be a mind-blowing source of inspiration for fashion lovers for about ten years now, with the hot spot gathering Londoners and tourists alike.
Be ready for lots of round sunglasses, Orthopaedic equipment worn as a belt, inspirational locals, true eccentrics, kids playing dress up, wild designers and hip fashion students, a bit of controversy (real fur, fake labels), and last but not least, a lot of passion.

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