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Prometheus World Premiere: Leicester Square

by Entertainment Reporters 2012

One of summer’s most long awaited blockbuster films, Ridley Scott’s sci-fi epic Prometheus had its world premiere at the Leicester Square Odeon on Thursday 31st May 2012. Essentially the prequel to the legendary Alien series that Ridley Scott first originated with his ground breaking 1979 science fiction masterpiece Alien; Prometheus tells the story of a group of explorers who embark on a journey to an unchartered corner of the universe where they believe the origins of mankind lay. Hoping to discover revealing findings in their quest, they must instead fight an unknown terror and enter a battle to save the fate of the human race.

This film has captured movie buffs imagination and the wait and huge anticipation for it has been unprecedented with die hard fans of the Alien saga extremely excited about its release. An exciting social media campaign to promote the film, online virals starring the film’s stars Guy Pearce and Michael Fassbender were released plus a live Twitter hash tag campaign that created a huge buzz for the film.

For its world premiere, a host of stars came down to the Leicester Square Odeon to see the thousands of fans that had come out to see them. Stars of the film Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender and Charlize Theron were in attendance to see their fans and celebrate the release of Prometheus. Down at Leicester Square were WinkBall video reporters Darryl and Billy who were speaking to the many fans that had come down to the Prometheus premiere and see their favourite stars.

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