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Steps Reunion - Manchester Arena

by Manchester Music Reporters

They're back! Everyone's favourite line-dancing pop group have reformed for a reunion tour in 2012. Lee, Faye, Lisa, Claire and H are back together again and will be touring the UK in April. Steps took their fans on a trip down memory lane when they landed in Manchester as part of their sold-out Ultimate Tour 2012.
Following the success of their 2011 TV Show, Steps Reunion, the five-piece took to the stage and performed their now finely-tuned harmonies to some of pops forgotten gems.
Opening the show with the aptly titled Here and Now, this wasn’t a bunch of dead beat wannabes cashing-in on the lucrative band-comebacks, but rather a grown-up, fresher looking group singing live, entertaining an 11,000 -strong crowd and, alas, getting along! WinkBall were asking fans why they have travelled to see Steps unite once again and got lots of positive comments. Do you have a view? Leave a wink online now!

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