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  • WinkBall is the British video network that specialises in capturing the public’s passion at events - as they happen. Now the UK’s no. 1 video website, WinkBall’s unique video reporters engage with the people who truly matter, during the most enjoyable moments of their lives: coming out of the best gig they’ve ever seen, enthusing about their team’s win against all odds, or eagerly explaining their latest charity work. All displayed on video walls, they are easily shared and embedded on social media and other websites. Have you been WinkBalled? Have your say!

  • Do you know the difference between a lead and a prospect? A lead is any potential customer for your business; a prospect is an ‘interested’ lead, someone who has expressed requirements related to your business. Video Prospects turns leads into prospects, by video-interviewing conference attendees and ‘match-making’ their needs with exhibitors’ business services. Exhibitors can rarely deal personally with the hundreds of potential prospects that attend conferences, exhibitions or trade shows, therefore losing out on sales. Our video reporters are trained to elicit emotional responses about the interviewee’s requirements so exhibitors can get to the heart of the customer’s needs.

    Video Prospects
  • Its official: video is the essential way businesses and organisations interact with their customers, because it conveys so much more than just words. WinkBall are specialists in working with organisations to create content specific for your business, producing valuable video assets at great prices. Whether it’s a tour of your organisation, coverage of an event – large or small, or gathering testimonials from your customers, we can work with you to ensure your website engages more effectively than your competitors’. With clients ranging from Transport for London, Sony, Sky and the Telegraph, you know you’re in safe hands when you need video content for your business.

    Video Content
  • Businesses need to communicate to all of their customers, and not just some of them. Did you know there are 9 million deaf and hard of hearing people in the UK, that is 1 in 6 people. At present most companies do not provide equal access to their business for deaf people. Viewtalk, a specifically designed version of WinkBall for the deaf, can deliver signed (with British Sign Language (BSL)) video content for your organisation: ideal for conveying important messages such as public information, ‘how to’ guides, or business walk-throughs, all of which are filmed and signed by our BSL video reporters, as well as being fully subtitled, rendering them accessible and welcoming to every one of your customers. Watch our engaging Viewtalk videos for the Science Museum and London Zoo to find out more.

  • Student Video Services enables educational institutions to capture students’ passion for studying at your institution – using the emotional power of video. Potential students are 4 times more likely to look at video on your institution’s website than anything else. Using WinkBall’s Student Video Services, prospective students can see how current and previous attendees enjoyed their studying, watch an introductory tour from faculty members, and get details of options available, from their peers’ direct experience. All video assets are available as filtered video walls, individual videos or video montages, as part of WinkBall’s Student Video Services Directory or embedded into institution’s websites and social networks.

    Student Video Services